Canadian Immigration Consultants in India


Canadian immigration consultants in India are experts with years of experience in the
field. They provide assistance to those who want to immigrate to Canada but don’t know how or
have difficulties getting their visa approved. They help with all kinds of applications and provide
advice on which application is best for you based on your situation and requirements.

Canada Immigration is one of the most popular choices to immigrate for jobs, study and living purposes. Because Canada Immigration enables you to live, work and study anywhere in Canada. Also, the number of job opportunities available here in various industries such as teaching, medical, IT, hospitality, manufacturing and others.

Canada has the easiest immigration process in the world and our Canada Immigration consultants are specialized in expediting the immigration process by following Canadian government guidelines.

We are specialized to provide top-quality Canadian immigration services to migrants from all components of the globe. Oberoi Immigration Consultants offers below visa categories:–

  • Canadian Student Visas
  • Canadian Business Visas
  • Canada Family Visas

And also Canada has various visa categories, which include-

  • Canadian Federal skilled visa through points based system
  • Provincial nominee programmes
  • Quebec Skilled worker programme
  • Quebec Investor programme

There are various reasons why people opt to immigrate to Canada. Canada has everything, whether you want to pursue a top-notch education, feel secure with free national healthcare, or gain from its high standard of living. There are more than a hundred possible immigration routes to Canada. Because of this, each person’s journey to immigration to Canada will be different. For instance, there are numerous ways for professionals and employees to be eligible for a permanent resident visa through Canada Immigration. The most popular choice is Express Entry, which is Canada’s primary route for skilled employees from lower socioeconomic groups.

Why Is Canada in Need of Immigration ?

Three categories of immigrants are accepted in Canada:  those who fit into the economic, familial, and refugee and humanitarian categories.

The economic class welcomes skilled workers to help maintain Canada’s high level of living. Due to its elderly population and low birth rate, Canada accepts the majority of immigrants who are qualified professionals. In order to support its labor force and economic expansion, Canada needs highly skilled workers. These highly skilled professionals arrive with a solid command of the language, employment history, education, and a drive for success. As a result, they are essential to Canada’s efforts to promote economic development and social services like universal health care and education.

Through family sponsorship, the second-largest immigrant class enters the country. Strong families are the foundation of Canadian society and its economy,

So Canada welcomes the loved ones of its citizens and permanent residents. Families are given the emotional support they require to prosper in Canada’s society and economy when their immediate family is given permission to establish a life there.

Canada Immigration Consultants in India ..